Over 100 Public Officials and Local Activists Endorse Joe

More than 100 supporters have publicly endorsed Joe Pace for the Executive Council seat in District 3. The list includes State Senator David Watters and a dozen current or former state legislators.

“With the broad support we’ve been earning across the District, this campaign is built to win in November,” Pace said. “Our message of opportunity is resonating with voters in all 32 towns of District 3.”

New Hampshire  Organizations and Officials

IBEW 2320
Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire
Carpenters Union Local 352
Teamsters 633
New England Police Benevolent Association
SEIU/SEA Local 1984
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 113
NH Sierra Club
IBEW 490
NH Stonewall Democrats
American Federation of Teachers – NH

Martha Fuller Clark, NH State Senator, Portsmouth
David Watters, NH State Senator, Dover
Debra Altschiller, NH State Representative, Stratham
Michael Cahill, NH State Representative, Newmarket
Mark Connelly, Former Deputy Secretary of State and Director of New Hampshire Bureau of Securities Regulation, Portsmouth
Renny Cushing, NH State Representative, Hampton
Sherry Frost, NH State Representative, Dover
Julie Gilman, NH State Representative and Select Board Member, Exeter
Tamara Meyer Le, NH State Representative, North Hampton
Patty Lovejoy, NH State Representative, Stratham
Former Exeter Select Board Member and Former South Hampton Chief of Police Bobby Aldrich
Kim Casey, Former NH State Representative, East Kingston
Burt Cohen, Former NH State Senator, New Castle
Beverly Hollingworth, Former NH Executive Councilor, Hampton
Paul McEachern, Former NH Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee, Portsmouth
Dr. Tom Sherman, Former NH State Representative, Rye
Jim Splaine, Former NH State Representative and Former Assistant Mayor, Portsmouth
Katie Wheeler, Former NH State Representative, Durham

Local Officials and Activists from District 3

Bobby Aldrich, Former Exeter Select Board Member and Former South Hampton Chief of Police
Maggie Ball, Kensington
Nancy Belanger, Former Select Board Member, Exeter
Rob Bergin, Brentwood
Jason Boucher, Portsmouth
Joshua Bourdon, Town Councilor, Derry
Meg Bressette. Pelham
Sam Butler, Atkinson
Bill Campbell, Former Select Board Member, Exeter
Dan Chartrand, Former Select Board Member, Exeter
Sabina Chen, Pelham
Karen Clark, Windham
Don Clement, Select Board Member, Exeter
Ken Cohen, Kensington
Ben Cole, School Board Chair, Kensington
Josh Cyr, Former City Council Member, Portsmouth
Paul Dadak, Pelham
Russell Dean, Exeter
Kate Delfino, Atkinson
Dick Desrosiers, Hampton
Jennifer Dube, Raymond
Kevin Fleming, Exeter
Heather Forde, Board of Selectmen, Pelham
Emily Forgy, Stratham
Kay Galloway, Atkinson
Nicole Gellar, Pelham
Roger Goun, Brentwood
Vince Griseto, Salem
Jaci Grote, Rye
Bob Hall, SAU 16 School Board Member, Kensington
George Hamblen, Plaistow
Sara Hamilton, Kensington
Dave Hennessey, Pelham
Lionel Ingram, Former Select Board Member, Exeter
Joan Jacobs, Portsmouth
Paul James, Pelham
Susan James, Pelham
Rachel Jefferson, Stratham
Debbie Lansdowne Kane, Exeter
Bill Klessens, Salem
Liz Kosta, Plaistow
Wendy Larson, Kensington
Cliff Lazenby, Assistant Mayor, Portsmouth
Dr. David London, Stratham
Laurie Loosigian, Brentwood
Tom Loughman, Candidate for NH State Representative, Hampton
Hal Lynde, Board of Selectmen, Pelham
Julia Steed Mawson, Pelham
Liz McConnell, Candidate for NH State Representative, Brentwood
Ellen McCahon, Windham
Dan McKenna, School Board Member, Derry
Eli Merheb, Derry
Eiji Miki, Salem
Jack Mitchell, Brentwood
Sue Mitchell, Brentwood
Susan Mitchell, Windham
Jon Morgan, Candidate for NH State Senate, Brentwood
Roy Morrisette, Former SAU 16 School Board Member, Exeter
Chip Moynihan, Hampton
Melanie Muns, Hampton
Mary Lou O’Connor, Hampton
Brenda Oldak, South Hampton
Dr. Sally Oxnard, Former SAU 16 School Board Member, Exeter
Dr. Tom Oxnard, Exeter
Niko Pappas Papakonstantis, Town Budget Committee Chair, Exeter
Joni Praded, Kensington
Kristin Price, Pelham
Bob Prior, Exeter
Karen Crooke Prior, Exeter
Tony Roman, Windham
Valerie Roman, Windham
Ed Rowan, Exeter
Judy Rowan, Exeter
Kristi St. Laurent, Windham
Matthew Saunders, Hampton
Paul Scafidi, Former Select Board Member, Exeter
Chris Scatamacchia, Hampton
Holly Scatamacchia, Hampton
Phil Sherwood, Atkinson
Barry Simard, Seabrook
Linda Simard, Seabrook
Kathy Slade, Plaistow
Lauren Steele, Atkinson
John Tackeff, Rye Beach
Eric Turer, Brentwood
Kelly Turner, Pelham
Mark Vallone, Epping
Alyssa Walker, Pelham
Jessica Wilhelm, Pelham
Dr. Anthony Zwaan, Exeter
Laurie Mraz Zwaan, Exeter